How to setup & install NSSM (the non-sucking service manager)
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How to setup & install NSSM (the non-sucking service manager)

Download NSSM

  1. Head over to the NSSM Website
  2. Download a release:
  • Latest Release: Stable, tested, but older.
  • Feature Pre-Release: Newer, less stable, likely to have more features & capabilities.
  1. Make a new folder somewhere easy to access. I personally recommend C:\NSSM.
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file into your new folder. Make sure that what you extract is the contents, looking something like:

Do not just extract the top folder (i.e. nssm-2.24/).

Install NSSM

  1. Press the Win key
  2. Type "Environment Variables"
  3. You want the result which is highlighted in this screenshot: Step 3
  4. Click on "Environment Variables" at the bottom Step 4
  5. Find the System Variable called Path. Click it, and press edit. Step 5
  6. Select Browse Step 6
  7. Find either the win64 or win32 folder inside your NSSM directory. Select that one and you're good to go.


You can now use NSSM from the commandline with: nssm help
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